When you do production in the concert world you tend to get used to living out of a hard case and a laptop bag, but what you never get used to is the barrage of smells you encounter from venue to venue.

From sweaty locker-rooms to dingy storage clostes under the stage, Co-Owner, Jason Mayer, was fed up with the rough smells he was constantly encountering.

Many of the bands and tour folks he was working with would regularly spend hundreds on low quality scented candles in an effort to freshen-up their temporary spaces, but most times these candles rarely covered the smell and merely combined with them to make things even worse.

This is when Jason set out to learn and understand how to make a better smelling (and better looking) candle than what was available in most markets for local runners to scoop up.

For months Jason, worked tirelessly testing many different fragrances until he finally perfected our original 3 unique blends.

Every time a band member or crew mate would step into his space they would regularly ask what kind of candle he was using as they too wanted one for their space.

His reply? It's a Nice F*cking Candle.